Craig White

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  • Sep 02, 2022
Part time Construction Restaurant-Food Service Retail Skilled Labor Warehouse

Personal Summary

When it comes to myself working, people would consider me one of the hardest workers on the market. I have joyful attitude since I like to create positives out of anything negative thrown my way. Commuting to work is least of my worries since I have a car which is in very great condition. Communication is one of my biggest pet-peeve for the fact I believe it's the truthiest way of completing any task when working with people. Great attitudes tend to rub off on other especially if someone is having a terrible day and you're that last hope to be a gamechanger. Having a bad attitude in my experience can motivate other workers to become lazy within the task or simply not want to do work. Hiring a young sharp guy as myself will not only benefit your company goals but also will bring the best out of everyone that's around.

Work Experience

Fire Sprinkler Fitter
Apr 2019 - Sep 2022 Elephas Fire Sprinkler


manual labor (lifting heavy objects over 50 pounds), using ladders, scissors/boom lift, using tools, maintaining safe and clean workplace.

Jan 2021 - Dec 2021 American Patrol

Ensure that all areas are clear of anyone not authorized on the premises. Every 15 minutes to do a patrol run around the premises. Write any strange activities being seen and if serious then to contact the local police. 

Jun 2021 - Aug 2022 Private company

Seasonal Job


To Ensure everything is set up according to the script plan for the evening. 

Help clean up after every transition into the next part of event

Serve food and refill water cups

Walk around every few minutes to ensure if anyone needs something then I would be there to assist them.

Making sure I'm able to lift at least 40 pounds worth of valuables on and off the truck 


General Associates
Aug 2010 - May 2014 Fairmont State Unv.
scissor and boom lift certification
Sep 2022 - Sep 2031
Nicet Level 1
Sep 2022 - Sep 2022