Consuela quintanilla

  • Freelancer
  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Feb 19, 2023
Part time Customer Service Entry Level General Labor Hospitality-Hotel Other

Personal Summary

I have done and worked at different jobs from cleaning house, hotels, motels, restaurants, coffee shops,taking care or kids to older people, I've helped with setting up and taking apart events, translation from English to Spanish, janitorial for company's, to detailing cars and a cashier,  greeter, and so much more I would love to work for you and the clients 

Work Experience

Translated/ data entry
Jun 2000 - Jan 2001 K.C engine shop

I would translate English and Spanish for the Manger and owners to the workers I answered phones calls and took messages I did data entry for the company sales and delivery of product 

House cleaning
Feb 2009 - Nov 2011

Clean houses, mopped, sweped, wash clothes, dishes, cleaned bathroom and walls, hallways and rooms, back yards and stairs cleaning dusted all areas of the house, made beds and vacuumed all areas 

Casher/ costumer service/ perpawwuyý⁵⁵⁵⁵5⁵5r Dr ŕ⅘
Jun 2005 - Nov 2005 Sf coffee roosting company

Made coffee, costumer severest, clean tables and chairs, mopped, sweated open and closed the shop 

Sales/casher/floor worker/
Mar 2002 - Nov 2002 Thrift world thrift store

Casher, costumer services, except donations, put clothes and different household things on shelves cleaned the store, mopped, sweped, cleaned bathrooms and brake room

Casher/ food sever/ dish washer
Apr 2002 - Dec 2002 Subway

Open and closed store, make sandwiches, baked bread, cut vegetables, exceped delivery

House cleaning
May 2003 - Sep 2004 Hotels/ motels

Cleaning rooms, make beds, cleaned bathroom mopped and sweped, vacuumed rooms and hallways washed dirty beding and towels, stocked in coming supply