Louis Scrivo

  • Sales or Sales Manager
  • Kansas City, MO, USA
  • Feb 21, 2023
Full time Consultant Customer Service Distribution-Shipping General Business Sales

Personal Summary

I am a father and husband and love the challenge of building a book of business that will become a long term partners with you. You will be able to work alongside a hard working Midwest dad with a east coast motor that has your concerns in his best interest!
I pride myself and base my career around displaying Superior Customer Service Skills and am very up front transparent and honest about each detail including any issues that arise or questions you have, down to the sometimes hard or painful news or sharing the exactment of a my clients vision being fulfilled! !
Question for me is, where do my prospects, clients and referrals need help? 

Let's dive IN! 
 That's what I bring  Sharp pin point [professional evaluations always with feedback and SOLUTIONS! 

  I Solve problems and handle issues along with celebrating the wins and victories to make your job easier, more profitable and always tons of fun! .  BONUS ….
All included is my passion for SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE and my word to be my HONEST and TRANSPARENT self!

Captain of Customer Service
Louis (Louie) R. Scrivo II