Anthony Mcknight

  • Plumber/Contractor
  • Monmouth County, NJ, USA
  • Mar 22, 2022
Contractor Construction General Labor Other Professional Services Skilled Labor

Personal Summary

Will independently contract or work full time hours for 25-30/hr 

Anthony Mcknight
Monmouth County, NJ



• Installations and removal of but not limited to; boilers, hot water-heaters, gas lines (including pipe threading), water mains, drywell systems, vanity’s, sinks, bathtubs/showers, washing machines, dishwashers, in-line refrigeration systems, toilets, garbage disposals, water fountains, all drainage/sewage systems including PVC/Cast-iron pipework, filtration systems, pex work, sweating copper etc.

• In or above ground pool or jacuzzi installation

• Ability to independently diagnose and repair; drain-line blockages, improperly installed or faulty equipment and/or hardware, pipe leaks, hairline cracks in sewer-lines, various causes of pressure loss etc

• Use of water-jetter/commercial snake to alleviate blockages in sewer pipeline, as well as direct residential pipelines

• Limited knowledge of HVAC with ability to install lines in existing structure

• Rough-ins of new construction and finishes

• Installation and general maintenance of gutter system

• Use of and or installation of sub pump in the case of and/or in order to prevent future flood damage

• Demolition of any scale

• Framework/finishing

• Floor installation including hard wood, vinal, laminate, tile, carpet, sub floor etc.

• Cabinet/countertop installation and articulation

• All general woodworking

• Structure jacking including implementation of cribbing with additon of new foundation/vapor barrier/dehumidifier

• Brick masonry

• Hatch installation for attic or crawl space

• Sheet rock work

• Fence installation, articulation and maintenance

• Ability to read and follow blueprint for new structure or addition to existing structure with ability to compartmentalize individual jobs chronologically among team in order to execute build of given structure efficiently and effectively within required guidelines

Employment History

Downtown Plumbing & Heating, Brooklyn, NY
(Part time initially, then full time beyond 2009)
• Plumbers apprentice
• Plumber
• Jobsite manager

Cre-8-tive Services Inc (General Contractor) Brooklyn, NY
(Worked per-diem when not working with Downtown Plumbing, which was primary job)
• Demolition/Construction
• Renovations
• Plumbing (after 2007-2009)

MAC Investments Kinston, NC 

• Tree Removal/ Land articulation in preparation for invesment property builds
• General landscaping to prepare for property listing
• Ground-up construction or renovation/restoration of investment property within a wide range of damage level/ listing readiness
(Though I was responsible for all work contracts and work site management, I also personally did every job my workers did hands on as well)

Gibraltar Construction Company Inc. Annapolis, MD 2020
(Though company was Maryland Based, I worked out of North Carolina handling government contracted plumbing jobs for side work while financially preparing to relocate to NJ after helping train new employee to take my place with MAC before the move)

References Upon request, I will provide references from all or any of the previous jobs listed below
Since in NJ, I have taken on a major renovation project for Edward Lepore of Wells Fargo, who’s entire property was destroyed in a fire followed by a botched reconstruction job. The job has included plumbing, reconstruction, and restoration work which I have taken on independently This is the primary job I have invested my time into outside of small short term jobs commissioned through online ads independently.