• Residential Assistant
  • Irvington, NJ, 07111, US
  • Jun 28, 2022
Part time Customer Service Entry Level Facilities Hospitality-Hotel Training

Work Experience

Residential Assistant
Oct 2020 - Apr 2022 Aids Resource Foundation
  1. Conduct monthly fire drills, monitor facilities, staff and visitors, and keep everyone safe.
  2. Track patient names, phone numbers, medications, and other information in an easily accessible context.
  3. Manage, coordinate or recommend disciplinary and corrective actions with residents.
  4. Establish rules and regulations that  the resident must follow, it also helps to monitor, record and observe residents activity throughout the shift and report any issues or potential problems to your line manager.
  5. Teaching life skills or behaviors in everyday life.
  6. Train new employees personnel.
  7. Complete administrative and clerical tasks.
  8. Prepare administrative documents.
  9. Offer advice, comfort or encouragement to individuals or families.
  10. Provide escort or transportation.
Residential Counselor
Feb 2010 - Feb 2018 Sierra House

  1. Accompany and supervise clients during meal times.
  2. Monitor the facility or institution for security.
  3. Monitor residents activity to identify problems or potential problems.
  4. Manage, coordinate or recommend disciplinary and corrective actions.
  5. Receive calls and transfer calls or deliver messages.
  6. Allocate rooms to students.
  7. Group sponsored trips and social events as companions.
  8. Work with the counselor to develop a counseling plan that meets individual student needs.
  9. Communicate with other staff to resolve individual student concerns.


Associates - General Science
Oct 2020 - Dec 2023 Essex County College